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This is the application we built for the MasterCode hackathon 2015 Hong Kong. The application was submitted to The source code for this project can be found at https

Cross-building for WD Cloud and nodejs

WD Cloud runs Debian Linux on ARM. When you build application for other architecture you need to have cross-building. I have successfully built package on Ubuntu 14 by following this post with a few n

Discover Swift: Writing a Pachinko game on iOS with Swift and SpriteKit

Do you like Swift, the programming language that comes with XCode 6 from Apple? You may not know, but I developed a fondness for it after writing a game with it. I am going to show you how to write a game with Swift. If you’d like to jump right into the source code of this game, you can download or clone it from GitHub

Testing Android Wear Integration

We have integrated a messaging app with Android Wear in an emulator. The Android Wear can receive notifications, reply to messages and initiate VoIP call through the mobile App, commen

Accelerate the Android Emulator

For a long time, the most common complaints about the Android emulator were its slow startup and operational speeds. Using the Intel Atom x86 system image helped a bit, but not much. However, last yea